(This is part of my explorations of PORDATA - A Portuguese open data database)

This surprised me:

It shows the average of weekly work hours for people who work for some employer (vs. being self-employed). Since the last methodology change (that’s what those dark symbols represent) in 2011 the average diminished by 0.9 hours. There was a decrease in all jobs categories.

This happens for both genders:

(Dark orange are males, light orange are females)

Also interesting to note that males in average work more time than females.

I only found one group that, since 2011, has been working, on average, more hours: self-employed workers. While in 2011 they worked on average 30.8 hours/week, they now work on average 33.0 hours/week. This is still less than what employed people work, though.

(blue for self-employed, green for people who work for others)